Marketing Funnel So Your Ideal Clients and Find You

  • March 30, 2019

If you’re clicking around online but not getting the results you want, the chances are you have not set up your marketing funnel and systems in a effective way.

When you’re just starting out or transitioning in attracting clients or generating leads online, start with a SIMPLE marketing funnel clickfunnels pricing plans.

If you go straight for the big stuff, you’ll probably lose it. especially if you’re working alone

If you work with an internet business coach who can help you stay relevant and implement your focussed plan, you’ll be able to set up a simple marketing funnel quickly

Whether you’re figuring it out on your own or working with a coach you need to make your marketing funnel plan.

Here are some tips for you that will make it easy:
Map it out with mind map software or if you’re less techie like me, get some A3 white paper and draw out your funnel

It does not need to be perfect and you may not feel the big picture.

That’s OK You need to get started I tend to write some notes to remind me of what I want to research and what I may add as the funnel develops.

I’m probably the most unlikely artist in the word but that does not stop me I just do not care! I know that it’s my IDEAS being implemented that bring me the results, not the perfect sketching.

So draw it out roughly so you can see the steps

It is easy If you can not afford a coach, then read some good books on the subject and pair with someone who also has their marketing funnel

Having a buddy or working partner so that you can discuss your progress and hold your attention.

It really is not much fun doing it all alone and you can get the feedback you need by visiting each other’s websites and following the process that you want your hot prospects and ideal clients to follow.

On your plan is as specific as you can If you think you want to have a video on your landing (squeeze) page – the page where your hot prospects ‘land’ as a result of your marketing, then draw a box and write ‘video’ in it. It’s a simple technique but very effective.

There are lots of tools available to create websites but the best and most economical one that has found and recommended this one: Marketing Funnels in 10 Minutes.

It’s enabled me and many others to turn their websites into very little time; something that was not possible before, without extensive knowledge of your web designer


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