Could Picafort – a Tale of Transformation

  • March 6, 2019


It’s recognized that May Picafort is related to the urbanistic development in those last 30 decades, however, it’s also true that Can Picafort can be a location filled with background.

Located nearby websites of Culinary period, the first recognized significant settlement of the area takes us back into VII century prior to Christ, such as archaeological continues proven us on the S’illot d’es Porros and also the Peninsula of Phoenicians.

The tasks of conservation possess detected crucial findings in both necropolis along with the access was allowed for individuals. Now, Son Bauló is arguably among the most highly valued beach of Mallorca and can be located inside the Natural protected section of unique interest of Son authentic.

The most recent history of Can Picafort has only one century. At that time, Can Picafort was a small fishing village which subsisted thanks to agriculture and fishery. At that time, using farmland furnished abundance, actually, by that moment, enormous levels of costal lands were for sale. The Mallorcans that acquired those possessions possess now a huge fortune. Back to the start of the century some affluent households out of Santa Margalida transferred to May Picafort. One of those family members acquired the property by Jeroni Fuster,” alias Picafort, among particular fisherman’s properties, and the former operator gave the title to town, Can Picafort.

Until the 70’s, May Picafort experienced 200 citizens. These first families put the foundation of May Picafort advancement, also today has come to be one of the more interesting touristic areas of this island, chiefly for English and German individuals, however, you also can find holidaymakers from all over around the world.

Walking Can Picafort

Though walking Can Picafort you will come across red and white towels which it instantly grabs your own eyes. Those construction are distributed uniformly in every the shore. All these towels were first constructed from the 40’s before 70’s and were military constructions employed from the maritime for submarine shooting clinic in the Alcudia bay.

An illustration of the town esteem because of its own history is that one of those towels is in only on the town center in the exact middle of a street and the cars have to border it to circulate.

Furthermore, the growing tourism in Can Picafort led in a increasing improved tourist offer in any way levels: gastronomy, outlets and sea activities, shore clubs at Ses Casetes des Capellans.

However, it’s worthy to stop by its shores along with all the activities within the shores. One of the best ones is the Son Baul√≥ shore, found in between Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina where there’s not anyone on the shore at the August calendar month. But if you would like crowded beaches your best selection is Muro shore, just at the North of May Picafort.

Close to May Picafort is situated Son Serra de Marina, this city have not climbed as Can Picafort does, but its population grow at summer time because of Mallorcans have put their second dwelling there. Son Serra de Marina includes 3 shores and it has come to be a place of pilgrimage for customers.

Decades past, Can Picafort beaches were totally virgin, full of bushes. These very last decades, the town council has enabled the area to provide much better use of tourists and reveal a gentle and comfortable facet of the shores.

Turism in Can Picafort

In these day there is a family tourism, as May Picafort is off from big city concentrations plus it’s really surrounded by nature.

One of those climbing demands of vacationers would be to rent a vessel in May Picafort. Even the Alcudia bay, and particularly May Picafort presents all of the possibilities that the ocean fans seek: beautiful landscapes, sea, adorable cities, and also the very essential, magnificent waters.

As an evidence of that, the May Picafort Nautical club has significantly increased the number of moorings in eighty to 450 from the very last years.

The middle age vacationer using middle/high purchasing-power has raised the number of boats rented within the Alcudia bay. One of these experimented sailors love to rent boats with permit to love their family the Alcudia bay through sea.


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